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Scott Haverstick

Scott is a Lancaster native and a member of the Lancaster County Planning Commission Board. He’s worked in the City of Lancaster as a small business owner for the past 40 years, and has accumulated an unparalleled amount of knowledge for both the city and the county. Put his experience, resources, and expertise to work for you!


Mary has spent a quarter century in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. For Mary, real estate is the amalgam of an interest in history (she majored in History at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas), an amateur’s knowledge of architecture (a constant source of interest to her), and years of devotion to gardening and visiting lush public gardens.


Brian is a Lancaster native and former local business owner. Throughout his ten years as owner of a residential painting company, Brian has developed a unique understanding of homeowner needs, and views of the homes and neighborhoods in the Lancaster area.


The majority of Ric’s work experience has been in sales, so when obtaining his Realtor license, the transition was easy. With an Economics degree from Kansas State University, Ric feels that he is well qualified to offer his services to buyers and sellers of commercial real estate.


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In just three years, buying a home in Lancaster becomes cheaper than renting. Whether to buy property or continue renting is a question many of us have faced or will face in the next few years. A lot of my friends struggle with wanting to buy but think that the...

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Lancaster County is growing fast and smart investors know where to put their money. Single family homes in the city are becoming one of the hottest commodities in the county  real estate market. Looking at the projections for growth through the next 25 years, it’s...